Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Life’s a roller coaster ride. Often you don’t know if you are moving up or sliding down. It is a mix of power struggles, belligerent people and lucky breaks. It is useless to try and make plans as upsets, interruptions and the unexpected throws everything out of whack. Not to worry, agile Aries bobs and weaves through it all with ease.

Taurus: You’re ready for the holiday season, the parties, the fun and the romance, but beneath all the merriment there’s some serious thinking going on. Money, spending it, saving it and the importance of what money can do for you struggle with the deeper issue of what is really important to you. What do you truly value? Dig deep to find out.

Gemini: Relationships are the focus; some run very smoothly while others face challenges. It seems as if some events are putting those sticky relationships through a test. When the conversation gets serious, some deep-rooted buttons get pushed. Solid relationships will survive. Those that don’t, you didn’t need anyway.

Cancer: Added responsibilities don’t prevent you from enjoying an active social life. There’s a lot of work but room for pleasure. In your free time, you seek congenial companions who allow you to be you, no questions or raised eyebrows. Action on the home front and in the neighborhood bring romantic possibilities.

Leo: Amid all the busyness of the holiday season you are searching for a more organized and practical way of expressing yourself. This may manifest as a minor redo on the home front or in your personal appearance. Children and very mature folks enter the picture and you expend your energy in that direction. Things look bright!

Virgo: As Virgo figures out what is important in life, life picks up speed as pleasant encounters occur. While the focus is on home and security issues, the party train pulls into your station. Climb aboard and keep your eyes open for opportunity and the occasional lucky break. Romance is in the air.

Libra: After a period of soul searching you emerge with both barrels loaded. You’re filled with energy. This is a good time to start a new exercise regimen before the holiday pounds hit the hips. You’re busy and overflowing with new ideas. Expect delays in the commute and other trips around town.

Scorpio: While you are trying to balance the budget you continue to receive invitations that may or may not cost you money. Beneath the surface there is a lot going on and more than the budget is being balanced. You are learning how to react logically, not emotionally, to events. It’s a tough one, but doable as you examine your own actions.

Sagittarius: You’re turning over a new leaf, getting your ducks in a row and your house in order. This is not easy as you face unaccustomed hindrance and responsibility. Not all is gloom; friendships are active and romance blossoms in the most unlikely places. Your creative side surfaces as you express yourself in some unique ways.

Capricorn: Practical Capricorn opens up to the intangibles. Your emotional and spiritual sensors are picking up on those unseen vibes. This is new territory for the Goat, but in true Cappy fashion you bring it down to earth and try to make sense of it all. Around the New Moon you begin to articulate what you have learned.

Aquarius: As some pesky little money issues get cleared up you begin to make plans for the future. Your shifted goals point you in a new direction. For some it can be quite radical, for others a minor adjustment. Helpful friends and women in a position of authority lend a hand and a listening ear.

Pisces: Your usual ability to blend into the landscape fades during this period as you are front and center and very much in the public eye. Expect the unexpected when it comes to cash in and cash out. While you receive recognition that may result in a raise, unexpected expense takes care of that increase right quick.