Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: The New Moon in Aries on the 7th sets you on fire. You’re energized and raring to go. Before you go galloping off, take a breath and think a bit. The actions you are contemplating may have unexpected consequences. Listen to a wise one in your circle. There’s solid info there. Take heed.

Taurus: You speak of things and feelings that emerge from a deep place within you. You’ve been traveling through a realm that is beyond the physical. Pay attention to the thoughts that arise and the things you say. Keep a journal or diary; you’ll be amazed. Your authentic self is coming through.

Gemini: Change in plans, people and future goals; change comes at you from left, right and center. Some individuals are argumentative and give you a hard time. Relationships are under stress and strain. The goods ones, the ones worth keeping, will survive. Those that fade away, well, you didn’t need them anyway.

Cancer: Colleagues and peers can cause difficulties now. You’ll be navigating a mine field through the angry, touchy and judgmental. Unexpected support arrives from someone in authority. The peons have to listen to this person. Don’t let any of this deter you from expressing your ideas and opinions. Be true to yourself.

Leo: You’re excited about a new idea and/or a new way of looking at things. You speak loud and clear, folks can’t miss you. A love affair or other fun type of relationship becomes difficult. Anger unspoken and control issues need a conversation to clear the air. Watch your spending; save it for a rainy day.

Virgo: Virgo digs deep into the inner realms emerging with some golden nuggets of truth, wisdom and practical ideas about personal space. Your mind is wide open and receiving information from all levels —  physical, emotional and spiritual. A change of residence or a remodel is in order. A remodel to the inner landscape as well.

Libra: The New Moon on the 7th activates relationship issues. While there may be arguments on the menu, it is a good time to say what needs to be said. Some folks will act and react in a totally surprising and unexpected manner. Whatever — the conversation needs to continue. Get it all out there.

Scorpio: Life is a bouncing ball with you being the ball ricocheting here and there. Money in and out with unexpected expenses, work responsibilities and some fun and games thrown into the pot keep you hopping. Some days up, others down. A relationship or casual contact lifts you out of the mundane into the spiritual realm.

Sagittarius: As you step up and step out some folks are not happy with your confidence and assertiveness. Pay no mind, you’re getting your act together and learning how to express your true self. Love and other fun stuff comes your way as you are out enjoying yourself. Take a look at the unusual ones who cross your path.

Capricorn: Events trigger thoughts of security, what you need to have a solid foundation beneath you. Could be people, things or simply a level playing field. This is part of the process as you continue to clear out stuff, people and situations that no longer serve you. Capricorn is cleaning house!

Aquarius: Get ready for a daily routine that is anything but routine. Sudden disruptions necessitate changes of plans and routes of travel. Prepare for some startling conversations. Friends get angry when you don’t or won’t stay in the box they think you should be in. A bequest or tax refund comes your way. Handle it wisely.

Pisces: Money, possessions and the things you value come into focus during this period. There are unexpected expenses as well as some fresh cash rolling your way. You’re tempted to spend on something luxurious. Control yourself. Someone in authority or someone who thinks they are in authority attempts to restrict you.