Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Your focus shifts as your artistic side emerges. You have creative and innovative ideas that you are able to implement in ways that enhance your life. Some of that creativity is used in conversations with your intimates. Romance emerges from an unlikely quarter. Try to avoid those on power trips.

Taurus: The New Moon ushers in a very busy period for you. Relationship and contractual issues are moving forward. Some folks are argumentative and belligerent. Keep your cool and state the facts. You’re expressing the real you, get used to it. Your sphere of fun things to do broadens as you delight in new discoveries.

Gemini: It won’t be easy ironing out differences with the difficult people in your life, but keep hammering away and you will see progress. A money deal or contract signed eases the pressure. The pace of life picks up and you are receiving invites to plenty of social events. Go for it. A serious and sober person may be romantically inclined.

Cancer: Now is the time to start fresh and begin anew. You want to make changes, big and small.  You may face opposition from someone who likes to be in control. Do your crab walk and sidle away. Get around it and do what you wish. Passions are aroused as a hot love affair begins to sizzle.

Leo: Secrets are revealed about friends, co-workers and lovers. Could be some secret stuff about yourself that you have been unaware of — behaviors and such. Your popularity increases and you enter a period that seems like a mad social whirl. Someone wants to get serious, but you’re not ready for it.

Virgo: New friends and new goals in life keep you hopping and jumping. Noisy neighbors destroy your tranquility. In a relationship, someone is playing the passive/aggressive game. Don’t be a victim and don’t fall for the victim act. Quiet meditation on the various aspects of your life provides some answer.

Libra: Your goals in life are highlighted during this time. A raise may finally come through or a financial issue is resolved. You’re walking a tightrope between the public you and the private you.  How much do you want to reveal? Interest in cultural events prepares you for some changes coming up in the fall.

Scorpio: You’re fired up and raring to go. Obstacles and barriers in your way have fallen away like magic. In your enthusiasm, don’t overdo or overspend. Your circle of friends enlarges as does your world view. You’ve come to the realization that it is a big world out there and you’re ready to go exploring.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is dealing with some deep unconscious, subconscious issues. You’re not entirely comfortable with this stuff, but circumstances force you to go there. Helpful friends offer advice, some of which works. Money and a new set of values moves you along. An exciting person sparks your passion. Exciting, yes; stable, no.    

Capricorn: Relationships issues you’ve been ignoring can be ignored no more. An argument with an intimate, though unpleasant, can clear the air. It may not resolve the issue, but your words are out there. It’s all about change. You are ready for that change, others are not. Take your stand and make your peace.

Aquarius: Aquarius gets clever organizing space and moving through the daily routine. Some relationships are a dream of cooperation and fun, others may involve someone on a power trip.  This person does not know the difference between assertive and aggressive. You may have to school them.

Pisces: You are finding new ways to express yourself. You’re surprised at how creative you have become. Your innovative tactics gain the attention of someone in authority. This is good for your pocketbook. You spend some time out for fun and games, and may discover some romance along the way.