Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: You bring your creative talents to the workplace ensuring that it is not all work as you incorporate some fun and romance into your daily routine. While appearing lighthearted, beneath it all you are doing some serious thinking. Things like the meaning of life, your higher purpose and other weighty matters.

Taurus: You’re all about fun, creativity and interesting conversations as hidden talents emerge. You use those talents in a way that expresses your unique individuality. It’s not all about fun and games as you tackle some inner motivational forces. Your world opens up as you search for answers.

Gemini: You manage to maintain a positive attitude as certain people in your life become confrontational, argumentative and attempt to restrict you. Gemini is having none of that. You operate from your “safe space” where you are grounded and ready to face whatever anyone throws at you. You’re ready to toss it back at them.

Cancer: A busy time as you find romantic, financial and social opportunities falling into your lap. You struggle to keep all the dates, people and events in order. Some unpleasantness with certain folks requires diplomacy.  You refuse to let an increase in your workload rain on your parade.

Leo: You initiate change as you have a yen for the new and different. A change in appearance, lifestyle or some new ideas that move you along your life’s path. It’s all good. Resist the temptation to splurge on something beautiful.  Make the effort to find something beautiful and practical as well.

Virgo: Life opens up for you on a variety of levels. Social life, romance and finances are all on the rise as you attract new and interesting people into your life. You spread news and information and receive much of the same. A remodel or move on the home front is possible.

Libra: As you make plans for the future you realize you must look within and dump the detritus from the past. A prompt from within will point you in the right direction. Relatives, friends and neighbors attempt to thwart your ambitions. Shut the noisy ones up with some tactful but forceful opinions.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s on the move as the seeds are planted for a change in life’s direction Help comes from your network of acquaintances and close friends. Careful planning is required. As the seeds begin to sprout, enjoy your social life and consider a new romance. This one’s slow to start, but worth the wait.

Sagittarius: A mixed bag of responsibility and social activities. You’re torn between moving ahead and something or someone that is holding you back. In spite of that you receive honors and public recognition for a job well done.  Your public relations apparatus is great now and you attract new friends and perhaps a lover or two.   

Capricorn: While you’re ready to move on, something needs finishing up before you can truly begin. You dream of faraway places and adventures, but the time is not ripe. Make plans anyway. While you wait enjoy cultural events and a busy social life. Some romantic and fun stuff comes your way.

Aquarius: Relationship issues move to the head of the class. Why do you get involved with certain folks? That’s a big question you may never figure out. Some cash flows in; hang onto it. You work hard to expand your network.  Some friends are difficult while others offer some solid advice.

Pisces: Relationships and conversations, friendly and otherwise, occupy your time. Some lovely people enter your life. They counterbalance the real pains that you already have in your life. You are getting tired of their crap. It might be time to ditch a few. But not before you have one of those conversations to clear the air.