Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: This is a critical time for you as you struggle between the traditional and the progressive. You want to push and expand the boundaries and are feeling the push back from those who want to maintain the status quo. Your value system is at stake here, so keep pushing back.

Taurus: Relationships are put to the test as issues come to a head. There is an outpouring of emotion from all parties involved. A lot of it from you. Remember there are people involved who have your best interests at heart. Money issues and emotions vie to rule the day. Step back and think calmly.

Gemini: When secrets are revealed, relationships are strained between friends, coworkers and neighbors. Someone needs to be a peacemaker. Your role involves clear and factual conversation. Discussions will be serious, but keep to the facts. Try and leave emotions out of it. Not easy.

Cancer: Children, amusements, romance and other joyful pursuits are on your agenda. This does not mean that you can neglect your duties. Take care of business then go out and have fun. Friends and group affiliations bring new and interesting people into your life. Romance is in the air.

Leo: You become adept at juggling your personal and public life as you maintain the balance between the two.  You’re busy around the home and in the neighborhood, entertaining and beautifying your surroundings. A fun conversation has undertones of seriousness. Someone is waiting for an answer.

Virgo: While running around town, you are wishing you were someplace else, preferably far away from your usual haunts. For the time being, you have to stay close to home. Don’t despair, plan that trip. December brings sudden change that will free you up to pursue your dreams.

Libra: Libra’s fired up and ready to go. Money provokes some serious conversations. While the cash flow is good, keep in mind that incoming may get overcome by the outgoing. Some relationships are tricky, especially when someone acts in an unusual and quirky manner. A friend has the last word.

Scorpio: This period is defined by your quest to discover who you are, what you want and where you stand in any number of relationships. Relationships aside, this is about you. Define your boundaries. Clarify your needs and wants. Get beyond the emotional, get logical. Serious conversations take place.

Sagittarius: You’re doing some deep inner probing, spending time in quiet contemplation. Not your usual cup of tea, but you feel the need these days. You dredge up some interesting ideas and emotions that you are more than willing to share. On the lighter side, a romantic tryst or secret rendezvous is on the agenda.    

Capricorn: The Full Moon ushers in a period of fun and social activities. Your group of friends expands as you connect with folks from different backgrounds. This is fine with you as you are into exploring and learning. Among your friends, someone becomes rather special. This could go somewhere.

Aquarius: Your reputation is enhanced as you attract influential people to you. Your hard work will pay off in a salary or status increase. There are romantic possibilities scattered throughout all your interactions. Whether it is the be all and end all remains to be seen. In the meantime, have fun.

Pisces: You’re traveling; whether physically, mentally or spiritually, you are on the move. Filled with questions, ideas and information, your quest brings you to some interesting and unusual people. When you speak, people hear you. Be careful what you say as your words have an impact. Be kind.