Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: Your July Horoscope

July Lunar Notes

lunarNotesSLIDEAries: What started off as all fun, games and romance evolves into serious conversation with your nearest and dearest. It gets really serious, digging into deep psychological stuff. Money and issues of security push the buttons of all concerned. By mid-month the air is cleared and it is time to get out and enjoy.

Taurus: This is a very busy time with a lot of traveling around both near and far. You’re bubbling over with new ideas and new plans for the future. You put some effort into organizing your work space and refining your daily routine. Romance, invitations and socializing pop up in your own back yard and at month end, you’re happy at home.

Gemini: It’s all about money — what you’re worth and what you consider “worth it.” Hard work and shouldering responsibilities pay off this month. Romance heats up while friends throw a monkey wrench into anything resembling a routine. Your natural flexibility comes in handy now as you roll with it all and land on your feet.

Cancer: You’re into remodeling — yourself, your space and your routine. You’ve learned a lot over the past year and now you want to apply that knowledge and make some changes. Finances improve and your social life picks up steam as your popularity increases. Don’t let anyone toss a wet blanket on your fun. Enjoy!

Leo: Leo’s going full throttle, clearing the decks to prepare for the next big adventure. Be ready mid-month when lucky Jupiter enters your sign. Be prepared for new beginnings, new ideas and a broadening perspective. This is the beginning of a 12-year cycle. Jupiter will be with you for a year or so, so be ready for opportunities.

Virgo: A lot of Virgo’s social life is work-related this month. Use this opportunity to fine tune your network and have some serious conversation with fun-loving friends. Don’t let surprises on the money front throw you for a loop. Get your Virgo on and analyze the situation. Watch out for a love interest who is a bit controlling.

Libra: You’re ready for and finally able to take action after months of delay and revision. Now you know where you’re heading, what you want and how to get there. No one is going to hold you back. With all this action going on, don’t forget to take some time to socialize, relax and have some fun with friends.

Scorpio: Although you are tied down with responsibility, that doesn’t prevent you from making grand, large plans for the future. Your hard work pays off over the next year and you will receive the recognition you deserve. You’ll be living large, but be careful to keep an eye on expenditures. Some unexpected expense cramps the budget.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius shucks the usual free-wheeling, carefree attitude to delve into the deep, inner landscape. Looking into those depths reveals some hidden talents. Allow them to bubble to the surface. This month begins a year of discovery for you. How much of yourself and your “stuff” do you want to share?

Capricorn: Events move fast for you this month. Friends, co-workers and assorted significant others speak, listen, act and react. Capricorn does the same. You like a solid foundation, but these days you feel like you are standing on shifting sands. Old and loyal friends come through for you when you need it the most.

Aquarius: Trying to get organized and sticking to the program is an impossible task this month. Unexpected, unusual and unheard of events, news and situations disrupt your days and throw you off balance.  Something hidden is revealed. You may not like what you find out. Blow your own horn; don’t let anyone try and take credit for your work.

Pisces: You’re into sporting events, romantic interludes and any activity that releases your inner child and lets him/her out to play. This is a great month for fun. Don’t let the fun and games get ahead of you, though. As the month draws to an end, don’t be caught short of cash. Fun and games cost money. Spend what you can afford.