Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes

Aries: Conversations, pleasant and otherwise, take place between you and the significant others in your life.  Conversations that you are not directly involved in affect you as well. There’s a lot going on. Conflict resolution looms large on your radar. You are apt to say whatever you feel and let the chips fall where they may.

Taurus: You’ve been acting strange lately, or at least some folks think so. For you, it’s all good. At the same time, folks are attracted to you because you are giving off this electric vibe. Some pleasant and interesting relationships develop. Beware of those folks who think they are an “authority.” Don’t let them rain on your parade.

Gemini: Fun, pleasant people and pleasant times occupy you. The conglomerate of folks entering your sphere at this time range from friends to co-workers to lovers and foreigners. Quite a lovely and lively mix. Busy with amusements, parties and sporting events, a disturbing rumble involving money and friends puts a fly in the ointment.

Cancer: The Full Moon ignites some explosive interactions. You try to play the peace maker. Do your best, but remember: If they do not listen, it is not your problem. Relationships of all kinds require your attention. You are ready for some fun, someone else is not. Take the fun when it comes even if you have to go solo.

Leo: You’re busy with people and the problems they present. This keeps you on your toes. Those close to home provide some peace and quiet. There is a note of discord coming from someone who is looking for a fight. Meet that challenge and don’t take the bait. Remain calm. Chill out; it is not your issue.

Virgo: Some money issues that require a signature or two also require you to read the fine print. While you hang out close to home, you are thinking of faraway places. Plan now. Work and responsibility keep you tethered in place, but your mind is soaring and considering all possibilities. Your day will come.

Libra: Relationship issues bubble and boil. You say, bring it on! You are articulate, passionate and right on target with your argument. Some pleasant monetary surprises smooth a rather bumpy road. Don’t succumb to temptation when something beautiful and expensive catches your eye. You may regret it later.

Scorpio: Something hidden is revealed. It may not be one of those deep, dark secrets, but this revelation may cause some turmoil. While you are in a protective bubble right now, this particular piece of information may puncture your peaceful existence. Still, the positive outweighs the negative these days. Best take advantage of that fact.

Sagittarius: Plans for the future require some deep soul searching. You are shifting gears and need to figure out what is important to you. Then you can steer your course in the direction that is right for you. Conversations with  helpful, well-balanced friends help you to clarify your wants and needs.

Capricorn: You work your network with some positive results. One of those is expanding that network and making some great and helpful connections. Some news and information from those in authority may result in a change of plans. You can still enjoy some romantic and fun stuff with friends.

Aquarius: You are proactive and do not hesitate to take the first step. While you are more apt to dish things out with a spoonful of sugar, you don’t hesitate in getting aggressive if need be. You are in the process of clearing the decks and getting rid of anything — person or situation — that does not serve your higher good.

Pisces: You hit your stride; you’re in tune and on the right wave length. This is not something that you can see and measure in the physical world. Whatever it is, it is real nonetheless. Listen to your intuition. You will find that it is right on target. Prepare for unexpected delays and disruptions in your daily routine.