Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: August 9 to 30, 2023

Lunar Notes

Aries: Filled with confidence, you radiate that confidence in all that you do. Even if you don’t feel quite so confident. You have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. Forgoing your usual “go it alone” attitude you seek social gatherings where you can mix and mingle with fun-loving folks. Work, social events, and physical exercise are on your agenda.

Taurus: You seek peace and pleasure in your personal space. This is important for you as this is where you are grounded, safe, and secure. Outside events create a roller coaster feeling and you don’t do well with such rocky terrain. That personal space is important for you. You may find yourself in the right place at the right time. Seize the moment.

Gemini: Being witty, charming, and cheerful gets you noticed by some important people. Your talent and skills don’t go unnoticed either. You keep the ball rolling whether on the home front or in a more public situation. Conversations occur at every turn; some are lovely while others are challenging. Keep your wits about you and make your point. 

Cancer: You focus on your assets and what really and truly makes you feel secure. It is not necessarily material goods, although you do appreciate the finer things, like art, jewelry etc. They make you feel comfortable. This is a busy time for you with a lot of action and conversation. Some of these conversations are about your security issues.

Leo: Your cheerful and friendly attitude attracts the many and puts you in the spotlight. You accommodate and compromise. While you love the limelight, you are not about to become a doormat bowing to the wishes of others at every turn. An authority figure in your life may present you with some shocking news. 

Virgo: You retreat into seclusion in order to find out what is essential to you. You are also searching for your feelings as you may have lost the ability to sense your emotional state. All logic, you sometimes forget that there are other attributes to the human condition. At some point conversation and physical exercise will help you to clarify your inner workings.

Libra: You’re both a leader and a follower these days. Whatever role you are in, this is the optimal time for networking. You make friends and connections with ease and attract the kind of people that share your interests and have the same values as you. You engage in some interesting and stimulating conversations as you connect with these like-minded folks. 

Scorpio: You awaken to a calling; something prompts you to change your direction. Something or someone appears like a shining light before you. You appear more congenial than usual and you make new friends and connections as a result. Some helpful and unusual people enter your life as you begin this search for what will feed your soul.

Sagittarius: You dream deep and big in search of answers. You’re developing your own philosophy of life and cast a wide net. In this search you realize that love is holy and sacred, whether it is a one-night stand or a life-long commitment. This search results in changes in your routine, home life, and public life. The search never ends. Keep going. 

Capricorn: The secret, forbidden and taboo attracts you now. This takes you out of your usual realm of thinking and activity. You’re comfortable with concrete facts while the abstract holds no charms for you. But during this period, you begin to consider the many alternatives and possibilities outside the practical realm. Go for it.

Aquarius: You experience a willingness to commit in a relationship but something holds you back. Give it some time to think about it. You may find that relationships are a mirror that reflects certain aspects of yourself back to you. Your reluctance may have to do with some money or value issues. Some things need to be shared. You may not be ready for that.

Pisces: Through interaction with others, both personal and professional, you examine and reflect on the various aspects of your life, the inner life as well as the outer life. There is a process of integration going on here and you are wise to let things flow. You’re grounded now so you need not have any fears about getting way out there.