Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: June 2022

Aries: Jupiter and Mars in your sign bring a lot of energy. Sometimes too much. It’s easy for you to overdo these days. Remember, sit down before you fall down. If you can pace yourself, you will be able to handle all the busyness that occurs. You’re a juggler, handling many things at once. 

Taurus: Venus in Taurus until the 22nd scatters rose petals in your path. You attract people and pleasant events. Be wary of overindulgence and being tempted by the beautiful and luxurious. You are attracted to these things but your wallet will complain. Your actions create reactions you did not expect. Roll with the punches.

Gemini: With the Gemini New Moon setting the tone for the upcoming month and your ruler, Mercury, now direct, it is all systems go. Meetings, conversations and expanding your network satisfy your restless nature. You toss around ideas about your future and consult with significant others in your life. You listen to the feedback. 

Cancer: You expand your network with an eye to improving your public and professional standing. Those in authority are either benevolent or belligerent. There seems to be no middle ground. A conversation needs to take place, about work conditions or something to do with your daily routine. 

Leo: Unexpected events, while not personal, impact you and prompt you to take a look at your life’s direction. You consider shifting gears and heading into new territory. Consider your heart’s desire when contemplating your options. Let that which gives you joy lead you into the future.

Virgo: With Mercury direct you have a lot to say. People listen. While it is time to take care of business, which you do quite well, you create space to enjoy your personal, private endeavors. At times it is quite a juggling act but you do maintain the balance between your public and private life. Both are important to you at this time. 

Libra: You will need all your diplomatic skills as you navigate between the benevolent and belligerent in your life. On one hand you’re getting spiritual guidance and on the other an argument. Mid-month brings a crisis point. This is a good time to present new ideas and stave off further disagreements. 

Scorpio: You see and sense more than meets the eye. This works in your favor as you always want to get to the bottom of things. You see through the phony and fraudulent and also through those who put on a brave front and cover their fears. You are tough with the former and tender with the latter.

Sagittarius: The current Lunar cycle keeps you involved with the significant and not so significant others in your life. You’re either people pleasing or people pissing off. You’re energized in ways that prompt you to express your authentic self and you are wasting no time with people or activities that do not bring you joy. 

Capricorn: Pluto has been in your sign for the long haul and will be there until next year. Pluto’s energy is inexorable. That energy separates the wheat from the chaff. Pluto transforms and whatever is left is usually better than what was before. In the short term, you work on yourself, your health and yes, your fun.

Aquarius: You get creative; put the work-a-day world aside and enjoy convivial gatherings with those who know how to have fun. Friends, neighbors and casual encounters open you to new possibilities. Your world is expanding as are your viewpoint and ideas. Ever curious, you are up for the new and different. 

Pisces: There is a lot going on in and around your life. You may find it hard to be objective as much of this is close to home, literally and figuratively. When the outside world intrudes, be sure you are getting the message clearly. And be sure that you are expressing yourself clearly. Communication is the key.