Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: June 2023

Lunar Notes

Aries: The Full Moon on the 6th brings some financial surprises your way. An unexpected windfall needs to be handled wisely. Pull the reins in on any impulse buying. You’re also dealing with an influx of innovative ideas and plans. You need time to assimilate all the new energy swirling around you. Stop and take a breath before you act. 

Taurus: Continuous change expands your consciousness and opens you to new ideas and opportunities. Conversations about love, money and what is important in your life help you to clarify your feelings. An old friend or trusted ally proves their worth with some sound advice. You can rely on this as this old pal always has your back.

Gemini: Constant interaction with those around you keeps you intellectually alert. You’re tuned into every nuance in the many conversations you’re having. You may have to deal with some folks with anger issues. Here is where your verbal skills come in handy as you deal with them in a cool, logical manner. 

Cancer: Thoughts and emotions you have buried deep come bubbling to the surface. The clear light of day gives you the opportunity to sort through all of this. Dump what no longer serves you. Do not carry around any unnecessary garbage. Clear it out and move on. You will feel lighter. More so as your social life perks up. 

Leo: Friends, lovers and acquaintances of all sorts keep you busy and on the go. With Mars the energy guy in your sign you have plenty of energy to spare. Sometimes too much. Channel that energy in a positive manner. Before you fly off the handle, take a jog around the block. This is a great time to expand your network. 

Virgo: Some people have become a bit of a challenge as they seem to want to exert some control over you. You are having none of that. A friendship begins to move in a different direction. Romance may be in the air, but you wonder if you would prefer simple friendship. Find some quiet time to examine your feelings before you proceed. 

Libra: You may be dreaming of far away places but for the time being you are kept close to home keeping to your daily routine. When financial matters get settled you can act on those dreams. In the meantime, you make a favorable impression on those in authority. Your connection with some useful folks does not hurt your reputation. 

Scorpio: Disruptive people in your life get you thinking about who and what is important to you. You dig deep to find out what is essential to you. You have had enough of the chaotic and are looking for some stability. You won’t find that from those around you, you will find it within. Start doing what you enjoy and what feeds your soul. 

Sagittarius: You find it hard to stick to a daily routine as people and unexpected events throw you off course. While some of this forces you into a new and better mode of action a lot of it is a big time waster. You will manage to sort it all out and get back on an even keel. Along the way you will have some interesting conversations that open up your world. 

Capricorn: You abandon the stuffy routine for some exciting adventures doing what you enjoy the most. Along the way you meet some interesting and exciting people. You need this. You are never going to forget your responsibilities but you need to remember to allow yourself some fun and games now and again. You’re creative and put that creativity to good use. 

Aquarius: The rebel in you surfaces; sometimes inconveniently. Whatever, you are marching to that drum that only you can hear. You express yourself in a manner that is authentically you. Some folks may not like it. You can only be true to yourself. Have those conversations that are necessary. True friends will accept you no matter what. 

Pisces: Your life bounces from boring routine to unexpected excitement. Remain flexible as plans will need to be changed and events canceled. During all of this you get creative and bubble over with new ideas. You are able to ground and manifest your visions during this period. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.