Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: March 19, 2013 – March 25, 2013

Aries: Spring arrives with a bang for Aries. The eruption comes from within you. Some deep-rooted issues bubble to the surface. You need to get them out there in the fresh air for an objective look. Friday brings more explosive action and reaction. You are learning to express the true you. Try and get creative about it, you don’t have to come on like a prizefighter. Rash action is a no-no this week.

Taurus: You are finally able to express what has been rolling around in your subconscious for a while. You can’t help but get emotional about it all. You’ve been bottling up a lot of “stuff.” Despite the fireworks on the home front on Friday, you opt for a stay at home weekend. You are able to work some issues out with down time and inner contemplation. Sunday is perfect for expressing yourself clearly.

Gemini: With the arrival of spring, you begin to make plans for the future. You’re figuring out what matters to you, what is important and what you can kick to the curb. Some things carry an emotional attachment that no longer serves you. On Friday, guard your tongue as it could prove to be one of those foot-in-mouth days. Be wary also of upsets on the road and avoid the pedal to the metal.

Cancer: The sun’s shift into Aries puts the spotlight on your career, reputation and relationships with authority figures. Some shocking, unexpected issues and events connected with these areas unfold as the week progresses. Be wary of reacting in an overly emotional manner. The weekend provides some time to figure out what you want and by Sunday you are able to articulate this in a logical manner.

Leo: A sudden unexpected event or startling news opens up your world, breaking you out of your everyday routine. This can also serve to snap you out of any ingrained habit that no longer serves you. When habit and routine become rigid, it’s time for a change and Fixed Leo often needs a bolt of lightning to initiate that change. Embrace it, search for new meaning and express your inner child.

Virgo: The spring surprise for you, Virgo, is the sudden awareness of things that you can’t see, feel, touch or hear but that you know are there. This has you delving into the deeper levels of your psyche. You need to feel your emotions. The logical and intellectual is not enough for you now. Someone enters your life who forces an inner inquiry. A weekend of quiet retreat helps to clear your head.

Libra: You learn and grow through your personal one-on-one relationships. Some shocking words and actions come your way as the season changes. An exciting someone tempts you away from your normal routine. The weekend brings an abrupt ending or a startling new beginning to a relationship. Friends offer emotional support but in the end you rely on your own inner strength.

Scorpio: The sun’s entry into Aries heralds a brand new season and for you, Scorpio, the emphasis is on what is good for you and what works for you. You’ve been laboring under some heavy burdens and increased responsibility and now you are figuring out how to make things run smoothly and how to shift and share the load. The workplace and daily routine receive a shocking jolt as the weekend begins.

Sagittarius: With the coming of spring, you unleash your inner child. You find it difficult to tend to duties and responsibility now as you are more inclined towards fun and romance. And once you let that inner child out to play, your free spirited attitude draws the new and unusual into your sphere. Sparks fly when you meet a certain someone who opens your eyes to the new and exciting.

Capricorn: You find comfort in familiar surroundings as you express ideas that shock some and please others. These are not your usual earthy Capricorn ideas that are of a practical nature. You enter the mystical and feeling realm. The weekend brings some unexpected disruptions on the home front. Something from out of the blue really upsets the applecart. You may need to take decisive action.

Aquarius: Spring brings busy into your life. Your daily life is emphasized and activity on the local level increases. Conversations, emails, text and phone calls increase from those with the barista who serves your coffee to the neighbor who loves loud music. Avoid impulsive action and take special care during your daily routine on Friday. Unexpected snafus can curtail your activities.

Pisces: You begin to question why you put such value on the things that you consider important. You’re looking at and recognizing people, things and ideas that no longer serve you. You’re able to articulate this although those close to you may not understand where you are coming from. You are expressing your true self and learning what is good for you. Keep healthy in body, mind and spirit.

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