Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: May 2022

May brings shifts in energy and a change of focus. The period leading up to May 10 should be a time of action as Mercury goes retrograde and Jupiter enters Aries. A Lunar Eclipse shakes things up on May 16 and Mars kicks up some dust at month’s end.

Aries: The eclipse season brings concerns about money. A little tweak to the budget should take care of your concerns. Conversations with people who share your interests keep things lively. While you are not out to win a popularity contest, your social calendar fills up. Old friends come calling and prove their worth.

Taurus: The May Lunar eclipse highlights your relationships, who you relate to and how you do that relating. You’re changing and some people like the old you and are having a tough time adjusting to the new you. Stay the course and keep on your path. These changes you are making are long overdue. 

Gemini: The focus is on what’s inside and what’s outside. Thoughts bubble up from your subconscious resulting in actions that don’t produce the results you expected. You learn from this. On the outside you are expanding your network and the connections you make now will benefit you down the line. 

Cancer: Your intuition is right on target so pay attention to what your gut is telling you. These internal messages you receive involve friends, co-workers and professional contacts. There’s a wide range of issues that you have been puzzling about and your inner guide will lead the way. 

Leo: Something ignites your suspicions. Your relationships run from the crazy and quirky to the more sober, traditional types of people. You are not about to sit back and let someone dictate your moves or try to restrict you in any way. Some serious conversation may be in order. Make yourself clear.

Virgo: Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde on May 10. Get all your ducks in row by that time. During the retro period it is a good time to contemplate, meditate and reorganize. This period is filled with news, information and all kinds of new data on your radar. Take the time to assimilate all the new info you gain.

Libra: It seems like everything in your life these days requires a negotiation of some kind. Love, money and all sorts of people require conversations and adjustments. All of this places emphasis on what it is you value, in relationships and in your life in general. Someone provides expert counseling and advice.

Scorpio: The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio impacts you in ways that are not immediately apparent. Meditation and quiet contemplation will serve you well during this period. You will soon get a strong sense of purpose; of what it is you need to do to set you on the right path. You’re serious and carefree at the same time. 

Sagittarius: New methods, new habits, new routines help in the transformation to a new you. Along the way you manage to do the things that you love. Romance is in the air if you’re so inclined. While you may still be stuck in some old routines you see the glimmer of change on the horizon.

Capricorn: The seeds of creativity have been unlocked and you are manifesting new ideas and new ways of being. You are expressing the authentic you, who you really are. This is somewhat of a surprise to those around you and to you as well. You’re feeling a sense of freedom and liberation. Go, Capricorn, go!

Aquarius: Activity on the home front runs from serious property issues to minor glitches in the appliances. You make some great social contacts in and around your immediate neighborhood. Stimulating conversation about art, music and politics inform your days. Invitations arrive by the bucketful. Try and stay organized.

Pisces: A financial windfall fattens the wallet. Don’t be tempted by expensive and luxurious items that look good but have little practical value. In a month you’ll wonder why you even considered such a purchase. You meet some exciting people on a day-to-day basis. Stay flexible as minor disruptions make scheduling difficult.