Lunar Notes

LUNAR NOTES: September 2023 Forecast

Lunar Notes

As the swirl and whirl of the summer season winds down, your social life continues at full bore. Amidst all of this frivolity you manage to focus on how much you are spending and what you are spending it on. Fun and games have their place in your life but you also need to take care of the practicalities. Mercury retrograde provides the perfect time to review this stuff.

Thoughts revolve around friends, romantic interests, and those you enjoy hanging out with just for the fun of it. Your usual solid, steady persona has altered somewhat over the past year causing some folks to do a double take. No matter, you are exploring new options and awakening to a wider world. Your outlook on life is changing. No worries.

Always curious and ready to learn something new, you explore your options. Higher education may be on the agenda or you simply may wish to learn more about a specific subject. Your interests are wide and varied. Business, the arts, and communication are possible avenues of exploration. Some interesting conversations help you make your decision. 

You deal with some unconscious and hidden needs and desires. Thoughts, ideas, and emotions bubble up to the surface where you can examine them in the light of day. Retrograde Mercury assists with your evaluations with all that has come to light. A friend or associate may rouse what is buried from the depths. It is all a learning process

Venus goes direct on September 3, bringing opportunity for you to move forward with all that you have been mulling over for the past month. Venus also acts as a magnet bringing folks, events and opportunities your way. There need to be discussions about money and shared resources. Retrograde Mercury provides perfect timing for financial review.

Sun, moving through Virgo, lights up your life. You may not feel so light with folks opposing you and arguing at every turn. Your ruler, Mercury, is in retrograde until Sep 15. Take this time to review these friendships and consider whether or not they are worth your effort. Take time to reorganize your space, it will help clear your mind.

With Mars in your sign and your ruler, Venus, moving in direct motion, the energy bobs and weaves around you. You feel free to move in full forward motion, being more aggressive than you usually are. You’re not acting on impulse. Your actions are the result of some careful thought and evaluation. Folks envy you for your active social life. 

You continue to mull things over before making your move. This move may involve career, friendships and/or professional associations. You are wise to be cautious. Some folk may not be what they appear to be. Beware of someone promising more than they can deliver. Your usual X-ray vision will serve you well during this period. 

Your September opens with a burst of activity. Some running around town, meeting with friends, and conferring with co-workers. There is time for some fun amidst all this activity as you connect with like-minded people. Someone unusual, interesting, and intriguing crosses your path. Pay attention to what needs to be done on the home front.

Serious conversations about love, money, and politics keep you sharp and on your toes. You seek out those who share your values. What you value is not necessarily the material stuff. Some quirky, broadminded people enter your life. Through conversation you begin to develop a broader viewpoint. You’re growing and expanding. Go for it.

The Full Moon in your sign shines its light upon you. You bask in that light as you welcome some helpful people into your life. You make changes on the home front using the latest technology or some inventive ideas to make your space work for you. You take time to do the things you love to do. Lively and interesting conversations ensue

Conversations with the people in your life have you thinking, puzzling, and trying to figure them out. They are trying to figure you out as well. Some unconventional behavior from folks you meet on a daily basis has you scratching your head. You take care of your own business and really don’t want to get into someone else’s affairs. Keep that attitude.