Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: Your January Horoscope

horoscopeAries: You begin the new year with renewed efforts on the career/public persona front. You are noticed by the authoritative and powerful. This period is not without conflict as you find yourself at odds with people from all areas of your life, from the business and professional folks to your family and friends.  There’s some emotional issues that need the fresh air of candid discussion.

Taurus: You have a strong desire to break free from tradition, which is so unlike you, Taurus. You are looking to explore the far horizon either physically or intellectually. Foreign cultures, alternative religions and offbeat philosophies appeal. Since this is not your usual fare, you may face opposition from folks who prefer the status quo. Don’t let them rain on your parade. Explore!

Gemini: It’s all about money, resources and finding out what is important to you. A tax rebate, insurance payout or money owed to you from an ex-lover is delayed until month end. By that time, what you thought was so important no longer matters. Hanging out with friends lightens your life and brings some romance into your life. May not be the be all and end all, but enjoy it anyway.


Cancer: It’s a relationship quagmire from make-ups to break-ups. You spend a lot of time evaluating and reevaluating your personal one-on-one interaction with folks. As the Full Moon approaches, discussions become deep and probing.  Remember, words can hurt. Don’t speak words you may regret. Take a deep breath and keep an open mind before you open your mouth.

Leo: Getting down to business is the order of the day. Clear the decks, organize, and decide what you want to keep and what you want to toss. This purging is not limited to those outdated fashions hanging in your closet. This purge includes people, material goods and ideas. Your philosophy of life is changing and you are shoring up your foundation. This is all to the good.

Virgo: The festivities may be over, but Virgo brings the holiday cheer forward into the dark days of January. Social, cultural and sporting events continue to fill your calendar. A romance or creative project put on hold moves forward at month end. Some serious discussions about money, ideas and values need to take place. You benefit by taking a practical stance.

Libra: All is not quiet on the home front as you try to assert yourself and offer opinions that you feel are not getting across or are not being well received.  Things begin to bubble and boil during the second week in January, reaching a peak at the Full Moon. Things begin to chill as the month draws to a close. Talk is about money and creative ideas. Use your sense of balance to get creative.

Scorpio: Scorpio is busier than a one-armed paper hanger. The new year finds you chock full of ideas, new plans and the recipient of more news and information than you can handle. The new information pouring in forces an adjustment in plans. Through it all, you have to keep your nose to the grindstone whether you like it or not. You don’t like it; you’d much rather be someplace else. Carry on.

Sagittarius: There is no doubt in your mind that the holidays are over. As you focus on the budget, taxes and insurance, reality sets in. It is time to review what you can or can’t live with or without. The realization hits that there are some things that are not that important to you. Creative ideas and artistic friends brighten your days as the pace picks up around mid-month.

Capricorn: While most folks are hunkering down trying to survive the winter, Capricorn is filled with energy and ready to start the new year with new ideas, actions, appearance and values. Expect some opposition to your ideas and actions. Folks like the old you and are not comfortable with your changes. Forge ahead. You’re on to something good.

Aquarius: You’ve had enough of the social whirl for awhile and are most comfortable by yourself for the time being. Meditation, quiet contemplation and soul searching bring answers, solutions and new avenues of exploration. Some brilliant ideas bubble and by mid-month you are ready to talk about them. Full Moon brings a lot of mental and emotional activity. Stay cool.

Pisces: It’s networking time for you during this period. Your socializing comes from all quarters. Whether from electronic media or through the old fashioned flesh and blood friendships, these connections bring you ideas for your future that help you to realize your dreams. A raise or cash inflow may be delayed until the end of the month. Be patient.