Make Mine a Bloody Mary

Rhode Island Spirits collaborated with Ocean State Pepper to launch a Bloody Mary kit, and brunch just got a whole lot better. The kit comes with a bottle of Rhodium vodka, organic dried chiles for a DIY infusion of your favorite level of spiciness and a package of Bloody Mary spice mix.

We talked with Katie Evans, who owns Ocean State Pepper with her husband, Dave Conner, about what makes a great Bloody Mary. “I like a very seasoned, meaty Bloody Mary,” she said. And their horseradish forward spice mix perfectly fits the bill. The dry mix is unique in that it allows Bloody Mary lovers to mix it with their favorite tomato juice. Evans had us longing for summer (already!) when she suggested adding the spice mix to tomatoes blended fresh from the garden.

Cathy Plourde of Rhode Island Spirits got into garnishes with us. “My favorite garnish would probably be shrimp,” she said. Evans, on the other hand, prefers her “meaty Bloody Mary” to be vegetarian. She said, “I love a spicy pickle in a Bloody Mary.”


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