Pin-up: Jen Kennedy aka Ms Maple Devine

What’s new at House of Mood for 2018?

We’re adding a new type of show to our traditional burlesque line-up. There will be six of these new “Speakeasy” shows this year, featuring local artists and our new house band, the Catnip Junkies.

How do you kick back on a snow day?


Stay on the couch with my fuzzy slippers on, watching rom-coms and sipping rum and Coke. I love romantic comedies – I love to laugh and cry.

Where do you find the best rum and Cokes around here?

At the House of Mood – it’s Jamaican Rum.

What was your best Valentine’s Day date?

There’s so many! How do I keep this PG? I’ll say my favorite involved making out on the beach. In Jamaica.

What was your worst Valentine’s experience?

There’s no such thing as a worst Valentine’s Day. Not with me around.

When is your next show?

We have a Speakeasy show on Friday, Feb 9 and a burlesque show, 50 Shades of Burlesque, on Saturday, Feb 10. You can get tickets through our website ( or at The burlesque show has already sold out, though.

Is there more pressure to put on a great show for VDay than for other occasions?

There is, but I always like to bring romance into Pawtucket – it’s great to have a little sexy spot in our historic city. We got the pasties twirling – we’re glitter bugs – and these shows will get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

That’s what our classes are all about – I teach my students to be sexy and they take it home. It’s great when a student’s spouse gives you a bottle of champagne and says, “Thank you. I don’t know what you’re doing, but thank you.”

That’s happened?

More than once. Pole dancing and burlesque classes take my students out of their comfort zone and make them comfortable in a new zone.

What other shows do you have coming up?

In March, we have a show coming up — Rock of Ages. We’ll be bringing out the vinyl and the thigh-highs!