Mocktails: They’re like cocktails, but not

Back in 2002 when I stopped drinking alcohol, I drank my corner package store dry of non-alcoholic beers. Now, 17 years later, still sober and bored with near beer, I bring you a PVD mocktail experience for those who bring the party clean, are the designated driver for your crew, or those who may be expecting a baby and want to throw back one or two.

New Harvest: Located in the Arcade is a coffee shop and bar that was hoppin’. A mocktail was mixed from New Harvest’s signature drink Pig in Punch (sans the pig). Ice cold hibiscus tea planted a refreshing lime zing on the lips. So fresh, so clean, and if you don’t eat flowers, ask the barkeep Ly for the cold brew with floating chai and house-made ginger honey syrup to gulp.

The Eddy: Made with POW, shaken with olive oil, and poured on the blocks – The Eddy’s mocktail of their signature drink De Peche Mode sets a house-made peppercorn-de-peach-mood of being on vacation and enjoying a break from a rave. An unexpected Kool Thing at a corner bar.


The Grange: You can pick your poison at The Grange, or a non-alcoholic peachy queen that may just manifest your destiny. A mocktail with no name serves lemon twists with a few scoops of house-made peach sorbet. Bubbles you won’t forget – yo hah! FYI: A homemade spiced pineapple soda lives on the menu.

Courtland Club: Who needs Area 51 when Providence has 51 Courtland? No signage and no idea of this neighborhood club frontier. Leishla is her name and interactive drink experience is her game. A Sweet Pea lands with a big bang of verjus, green peas, egg white, honey, mint and gold flecks. Open door and leap inside a spacey landscape of surface textures and thrifted glassware – if you dare!

Yes barkeeps know their booze, yet each barkeep I had the pleasure to meet were fearless to share their knowledge in ways to pleasure palates and proud to fix a favorite flavor as a drink to eat.