Monthly Bartending Challenges

Leading up to our 2023 Bartender Awards in July, we are going to have monthly live competitions. These will take place at a different local venue each month. You don’t have to be nominated for anything else, you can just take part.

Participation is first-come, first-served. Depending on the competition, the number of entrants may be limited, usually to 10 – 12 participants, but there will always be attendee voting and something fun to do, even if you’re not part of the competition.

First place in each is $100 cash plus at least that much in gifts/certificates from sponsors. Prizes for second and third place too.


Sponsored by R1 Indoor Karting, Smoke Lab Vodka, Dusk Providence, Trinity Brewhouse, Jerry’s Artarama, and more.

May SmokeLab Vodka challenge at Dusk

The May event will be Tuesday, May 30, 7:30pm at Dusk Providence. Judges to include Danielle Tellier of Dusk, Patrick Bailey of SmokeLab, with more to be announced.

The May challenge is to produce a mixed drink using SmokeLab’s Aniseed Vodka, a distinctive flavor with strong character. Participants will be provided with vodka and basic mixers (lemon, lime, sodas, ice) other ingredients you must bring yourself. Each participant will receive $20 in reimbursement for supplies. We’ll provide a stretch of bar and shot-sized sample cups for attendees and judges to use to sample your creations.

Attendees not participating get two voting chips each and unlimited sampling for $20.