More Fantastic Than Umbrellas: Charlestown’s Fantastic Umbrella Factory Inspires and Delights

The Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown describes itself as “a 19th century farmyard shopper’s paradise and international bazaar.” Understandably, we thought this sounded pretty cool. 

Stop by the South County complex to visit a number of local artisans, including Small Axe Productions, selling domestic and imported gifts, musical instruments and more; The Purple Shell, an authentic Eastern Native trading post featuring wampum and Eastern Native jewelry; WICKed Candle Co., specializing in earth-friendly nontoxic candles; and many other knick-knacks for the curious farmyard shopper. There’s also The Umbrella Factory Gardens, self-described growers of “fancy plants,” and if that wasn’t enough, there are goats, emus, chickens, and ducks for visitors to enjoy. 

Be sure to budget a few hours to visit and shop at this eccentric and delightful RI institution.