Rhody After Dark

Motif Music Awards 2021: A Rhody After Dark Special

IT’S BACK!!! Jade Axel and Amadeus Finlay bring you back to the Rhody After Dark series with the 2021 Motif Music Awards post show. A night of fun and entertainment with some of Rhode Island’s most talented musicians, featuring interviews with the winners and more.

Special Thanks to FET Music Hall for hosting, and to our sponsors: Jerry’s Artarama, R1 Indoor Karting Entertainment Center, Empire Guitars, & Rhode Island BluesFest, for making it all possible.

Featuring: Neal and the Vipers, The Copacetics, DJ Venom, McGunks, The Parlour, Bulletproof Backpack, Man & Wife, Today is Tomorrow, Lauren King, School of Rock, PVD Drum Troop, Allison Rose, Al Diaz, Steve Smith & The Nakeds, David Tessier & The All-Star Stars, & More!

Catch the next Rhody After Dark Special at the 2021 Motif Magazine Food Truck Awards at R1 Indoor Karting.

Hosted by Jade Axel and Amadeus Finlay.