Motif x RI ComicCon Cosplay Contest

Miss Comic Con? Or Halloween? Both? Or just love to cosplay?

Motif to the rescue! Teaming up with RI Comic Con, which would normally happen at the beginning of November, we’re holding a virtual cosplay contest. Get your best cosplay on, take a selfie, show us your craftsmanship and win prizes from Motif and RI Comic Con.

There will be two top-level divisions for you to choose from: Casual and Professional.



Casual (novice and journeyman) – We’re defining Casual cosplay as a costume created out of purchased pieces that have been manipulated in some way. Sewing or constructing pieces from scratch is not a requirement. Submit up to three photos, along with your name and age. Please include yourself in the costume. Here’s an example: Extra points if you can name the video game that served as inspiration (use the comments below)


Professional (master and professional) – We’re defining Professional cosplay as a costume that has been sewn or constructed at least 70% from scratch. Submit at least three photos, along with your name and age. Please include yourself in costume, detail shots, and examples of stitch work or construction. Here’s an example:

Subcategories will be decided by our panel of judges, based in part on what is submitted. They’ll include best: Overall, group cosplay, couple cosplay, twist on a classic, innovative, craftsmanship, stitching, true to character, steampunk, superhero, sci-fi, horror, anime, mash-up, and amusing. All entries will be considered for all subcategories.

Submissions are due no later than Sunday, November 3, 2020, at midnight. Winners will be announced on Saturday, November 7, 2020.

Awards include Comic Con merch (tshirts, bags) and passes to 2021’s RI Comic Con for best overall and select judges picks.