Motif Virtual Gallery: Stroll our virtual halls and check out what RI artists are up to

Art brings community together and promotes positive mental health, and we want to encourage community and creativity in this time of social distancing. Check out our #MotifVirtualGallery compilation page designed to showcase Rhode Island artists. If you like what they’re doing, consider making a donation through their preferred app, which appears below each piece.

by Melanie Ducharme;
Melanie Ducharme’s (she/her) work is a response to the world around her. The themes she works with are gender, identity, sexuality, memory, popular culture and/or political issues. Her imagery frequently uses symbols that are traditionally associated with being female. In addition, many of her pieces use the human body, particularly the female body, as a symbol.
Ducharme’s work is as much about a theme as it is about an exploration of color. Her work uses vibrant, sometimes contrasting colors. Each piece is an exploration of how color affects the overall tone of the work.
“Rainy Sunset Over Maine Harbor,” by Rachel Brask;
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Rachel Brask uses oil paint to created landscapes and skyscapes that appear distorted by a downpour of rain. This painting was inspired during an art residency in Maine in which the sun was setting, leaving a bright flare of fiery orange/yellow just above the horizon as the rest of the sky had turned purple and pink.
by Michele Zanfagna-Gouveia

“After my dad passed in August 2015, I had a dream of a raven, flopping and struggling to fly. I picked it up and from it’s belly spilled all sorts of stuff – guts, bones, organs, but also flowers and bees and birds. It was from that dream that I began illustrating the idea of rebirth, resurrection and reincarnation.
While we are all coping with the corona virus pandemic I thought it would be nice to share a reminder that there will be a way through this, a message of survival, of hope, and life after tragedy and death.
I do not have a gofundme page, nor do I want any money for myself. Please send whatever you can to, visit a local shop once they re-open (I am a former small business owner and know how much they are struggling) adopt a shelter animal, or just say a little prayer for your fellow human.”
“My Right Hand,” Sal Guglielmino;
“Hidden Faces,” by John Paul Fernandes
16 x 20 house paint on canvas
“She’s Tired,” a surreal self portrait by Natalie Dubuisson (
Swimming in Circles
“Swimming in Circles,” by Danielle M. (Paypal:, Instagram:
“I made this in memory of one of my favorite artists, Mac Miller. It is a collage of his two most recent albums titled Swimming and Circles.
“Solace,” by Vinnie Pavao (CashApp: $Vinnie51, Paypal: