Letter to the Editor: School Walkout

To the Editor:

Many Americans say that The United States of America is the home of the free and the greatest country in the world, but every great thing always has its flaws. Students shouldn’t be worried or afraid of horrific acts like the Florida shooting on February 14 a day of love and compassion. How many of these horrendous ¬†acts will have to happen until we actually do something against gun violence? Anyone who owns a gun should have a record of some sort that proves that they’re mentally stable and has no intentions to harm anyone with a firearm. The boy who shot up the school was 17 and shot up the school with a M16 which keep in mind is legal to own past the age of 16, but you need to be at least 21 to buy a pistol this shows how screwed up the system is. Gun violence shouldn’t even exist if the government was actually doing something and coming up with ideas to end gun violence and put a mental health proof requirement to own any firearm.

– M.R.