Music and Mental Health: Trouble No More

Musicians are an artistic breed under near-constant scrutiny and pressure to produce and perform. When their creations go out into the world, they open themselves up to being loved, criticized, or ignored (usually all simultaneously), which can lead to an added sense of insecurity. Regardless of professional level, the pressure can take its toll and create or add to mental health issues.

The music industry is not a 9–5 job with benefits, time off, and a steady salary. The lack of benefits force many in the industry to choose between paying bills or investing in their mental health. Self-medication has often been a more affordable go-to, but can lead to a myriad of other problems.


Trouble No More, an initiative started by Tune In & Tune Up co-founders Don Culp and Dr. Al Puerini, along with Mike Petrarca and Kate Noveau, provides the mental health support and resources that so many in the local music industry desperately need. The four connected in 2023 after reading an article about the mental health of musicians published in this magazine. Petrarca and Noveau reached out to Culp.

“I could not believe that these two therapists were reaching out to me and offering their services to support anyone in the music community who was suffering from mental health-related issues,” Culp says of the response to the article and issue. “I set up a meeting and we worked out the start of the Trouble No More program on the spot. It was the first time that we had ever met and we were like long-lost friends. Both Kate and Mike knew musicians who had suffered in some way from the pandemic. This initiative was near and dear to their hearts as well.”

“Our healthcare system is difficult to negotiate,” Puerini says. “We work hard to make that task easier for the musician who may not have any idea how to approach this crazy system.”

Culp said that there were a lot of technical issues that needed to be worked on and resolved before a program such as this could be presented to the public.

“Everyone on the team was more than generous with their time,” Culp says. “Everyone took charge of different aspects of the organization, it’s an incredible team effort that brought this program to the forefront.”

Puerini explains that Trouble No More is an innovative initiative by Tune In & Tune Up.
“Our goal is to help musicians self-identify their issues and provide an easy, non-intimidating avenue to receive the care they need,” Puerini adds. “It’s one of many programs we have to help musicians.”
Here is how the program works:

  1. Anyone who works in the RI music community, including musicians, stagehands, sound and lighting technicians, bartenders, waitresses, and venue managers are welcome to participate. If interested, contact professional licensed therapists via email at:
  2. Once contact is made, a short questionnaire is emailed back. The client answers the questions and the therapist sets up the first meeting.
    Every bit of information is completely confidential. This program is conducted with the same privacy and control as any mental health-related format.
  3. Life strategies are worked on and, if more meetings are needed, the therapist will work with the client to continue treatment and help find ways to offset pricing.
  4. Tune In & Tune Up pays for the initial evaluation and two additional meetings with a therapist.

Trouble No More is completely confidential with therapists that are board certified, licensed and insured. The privacy of their client is of the utmost importance. They are always looking for new therapists with a shared interest in the music industry who would like to help.

“Anyone can contact me or DC (Culp) to discuss ways to participate and help,” Dr. Puerini says.
Tune In & Tune Up currently have the financing to help individuals in the local music industry in many ways, but they are always fundraising by accepting donations and hosting events. Their next event takes place Saturday, September 30 at The Ocean Mist.

“We are dedicated to helping people in our industry find health and happiness and ultimately to reconnect with their creative selves,” Culp says. “We all need healthy artists contributing to society in this chaotic time. Tune In & Tune Up through the Trouble No More program is here to help.”

“The Trouble No More initiative is unique in RI,” Puerini concludes. “We have several dedicated mental healthcare providers who have stepped up to assist us and offer their services at a greatly reduced rate. It is a collaborative team effort.”

*For those in need of immediate help, or who are otherwise in crisis, please dial 988.
Email for more info on the Trouble No More program.
The Trouble No More fundraising show is on Sat, Sep 30 at Ocean Mist, 895 Matunuck Beach Rd, South Kingstown. Doors 8pm, presentation 8:30pm, music 9pm. Tickets are available for $15 at or $20 day of show.