Namaste High: Try these yoga poses after partaking

Marijuana and yoga. Are these two things be combined or kept separate? Some people say that yoga is a pure practice that should not be tainted by the practitioner being under any kind of influence because it prevents you from achieving Samadhi (the 8th limb of yoga, representing oneness with self and the universe). But for those who love both, what happens when you mix warriors and weed?

Cannabis yoga is becoming more and more popular in states that have recreational legalization. In California last year, there were many studios that offered cannabis yoga. This concept intrigued me. As a yoga instructor, I believe using cannabis before a class can greatly enhance one’s practice. The studios that offer these classes start with yogis picking their method of consumption and dosing. The participants begin coming together as a community, engaging with each other before they embark on the physical yoga journey. When they have all reached their individual desired effect they take places on their mats to begin the flow. A gentle vinyasa with a yin focus at the end of class is usually the preferred sequence. 

A lot of yoga instructors like to incorporate essential oils into their classes. They go around the room with a rollerball and anoint the students on the wrist to aid in openness and relaxation during class. What happens if they use CBD oil instead? CBD oil usage has boomed the last few years and has brought healing relief to its users in various ways. Some use it in place of icy hot or lidocaine patches. During a yoga class, rubbing the oil on pressure points, joints or places you often feel tight can soothe your muscles and mind. 

Smoking or consuming weed before a yoga class should be reserved for the more experienced yogis or marijuana users. I do not recommend trying marijuana for the first time before your first yoga class. Doing a sequence while high helps bring peace and calm when using the proper methods and strains. Cannabis yoga should be customized by the instructor to meet the needs of the class experience level. Together, yoga and marijuana can set you up to feel your best!

Poses While High:

Forward Fold
Child’s Pose
Down Dog
Half Lift
Mountain Pose Variation
Warrior 1
Crescent Lunge
Eagle Pose
Goddess Pose