Obituary: Honoring Julio Amaro, “a constant source of encouragement”

Julio Amaro

Rhode Island lost widely beloved musician Julio Amaro on Nov 4. Originally from Venezuela, Julio had graced past Motif events with his music – both playing with others and as a one-man band with a surprising range of instruments draped all over his body. He was a constant source of encouragement to countless local folk singers, many of whom turned out for a touching memorial on Nov 11 at La Piñata in Warren, exorcizing grief through song in a way many mentioned he would have approved of.

Julio was “a remarkable artist, painter, builder, and an unwavering music enthusiast. Julio’s passion and talent touched the hearts of people across the globe,” said his niece, PVD’s Irene Yibirin, who was able to start a new life in the USA with his help and support.

“Julio’s love for his friends and family was boundless, and the affection he received in return was equally profound. He left an indelible mark on each of our lives, and his memory continues to brighten our days,” said Yibirin.

-Mike Ryan