On the Cover: Jon-Michael Baribault

This issue’s cover artist, Jon-Michael Baribault, is trained as an architectural engineer. “It’s given me a way to think about my process from a technical aspect,” he says. “My education was learning how to plan and execute complicated tasks, and that’s really helped my art process. I approach a design or new piece in a way that helps me to nail down the process and [determine] what I have to do to achieve what I’m thinking.”

And often, he’s thinking in a pop art style. “I like that style because it’s not too high brow. It takes the serious tone of art down a notch and helps make my artwork more fun.”

As he illustrated this month’s cover, Baribault considered how healthcare and the art world intersect. “They need each other in some ways,” he says, “and I was trying to portray the relationship between the two. The heart is symbolic instead of anatomical because healthcare providers not only take care of physical health, but also mental and emotional well-being. And that’s what the art community can provide, too.”

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