On the Cover: Laura Homsey

Artist and illustrator Laura Homsey caught our eye when we saw her rendering of Dune Brothers Seafood in paper. The Brooklyn resident told us, “I took a vacation to Providence two years ago and had such a good time at the restaurant that I created an art piece.” We meandered from our interview to praise Dune Brothers’ chowder before she proved herself a true out-of-towner by exclaiming, “I loved those fried balls of dough that go with it!”

We talked about what she loves most about collage and working with paper. “I like being able to build,” she said. “I struggle with working in 2D, so having a shape in front of me that I can put together was easier for my brain.”

The detail in her work is particularly striking, and she said she owes that aspect of her work to a boy with autism she supported for a couple of years. “He taught me to look for the tiny details in everything,” she said. “He didn’t speak, but would point out the tiniest details in our world, and I create pieces with him in mind.”

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