One Hell of a Film at Barnaby Castle

“Let’s throw a par- … I mean, a movie,” decided Kaitlyn Frolich, head spook at Barnaby Castle.

Barnaby Castle — the grandiose, gothic mansion on Broadway in Providence that has gathered national attention at times for its ornate, baroque interior design and history dating back to the industrial revolution — including acclaim as a murder house — normally throws one heck of a shindig to raise money for restorations, right around this spooky time of year.

This year, of course, COVID’s reality is even scarier than Barnaby’s fantasies, so the famous West Side fete won’t be happening. Instead, the party planners are trying their hand at something new. “We’ve never been involved in something like this — but there are so many talented people around Providence who have, and who are generous with their time, volunteering to help restore this historic site,” says Frolich. The concept pays homage to anthologies like “Tales from the Crypt,” with Frolich herself in the role of grande dame / narrator / party hostess. All the shorts — there will be six or seven — are written by local authors and will be shot during September and October in the Castle. Local actors and filmmakers will be operating on a skeleton-crew basis in honor of quarantine. The whole project is a joint venture involving Barnaby Castle and its residents, the Spectrum Theater Ensemble, Red Fork Empire, Death Drop Gorgeous Films, Motif magazine and New York’s Venezuelan Film Festival, among others.

“I hope we’ll be able to creep some people out, and make some laugh. We’re already having a great time pulling this together,” says Frolich.

You can download the film in real time when it’s launched on Sat, Oct 24. The $15 charge will go to benefit the renovations at Barnaby Castle (all participants are working for free). fb.com/barnabycastlepvd