Open and Closed


Seven Stars Bakery is planning its fifth location, expanding into where Olga’s used to be. We’re still saddened that the popular local chain is not adding an additional star to each new location. By our math it should be Twelve Stars Bakery.

High Tides Island Grille & Tiki Bar: 373 Richmond St, PVD. We may have missed their official opening, but a tiki bar is exactly what we need in January to break our resolutions like a plate-glass window. 

Lonely Street: We missed this one last year, too. It’s an unpretentious chill dive next to Justine’s.



Level Exchange: Closed after five years this past fall.

Olga’s: After 31 years in the business, we pour one out for Olga’s Cup and Saucer, an anchor on the corner of Point and Richmond streets since the ‘90s.

Mad Dog Cafe: We saddened to come back from Christmas vacation and find out our neighbor coffee place and cafe closed its doors.


Food Trucks: