Open and Closed


Kin Southern Table + Bar: 71 Washington St, PVD. This southern-cuisine-inspired eatery is opening this spring in Downtown Providence.

Bintimani: 326 Westminster St, PVD. Evicted from its Boston location, this West-African-inspired restaurant will be the second of two new Black-owned businesses in Downtown. (Where Tom’s BaoBao used to be). Opening in July.


Plant City X: 619 West Main Rd, Middletown. The ever-popular vegan-vegetarian food court in Providence has a new location in the East Bay. See story at


Davis Dairy: 721 Hope St, PVD. This kosher market closed its doors for the last time after 114 years in business. They had a fire last May, and its owners have chosen not to reopen this last-of-its-kind Jewish kosher dairy market. It will be missed.

Skye Gallery: 381 Broadway, PVD. This long-standing and cultural mecca has closed its doors due to hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic. It brings us no pleasure to have to announce the closure of an art gallery in these pages.

Food Trucks: