Pin-up: Osceanna Rose

joniWhat do you never leave home without? I never leave the house with an iced coffee (yes I am a Rhode Islander to the core), a bottle of water and a smile.
What’s your biggest pet peeve? People who cannot follow through with their word and commitments
What’s your favorite book? I will let you know when I’m done writing it.
What’s your favorite movie? Alien because Ripley is one bad ass chick and her orange cat Jonesy is even more bad ass. (I love cats, I have 3.)
What’s your drink of choice? Chianti!! C’mon I’m Italo-American, my blood is the consistency of red wine.
Do you have a favorite local specialty cocktail? I am allergic to hard liquors; I break out in handcuffs. So, that would be a no.
What’s going on with House of Mood this month? This April, the House of Mood’s show theme is “The Spy Who Loved Me.” We have so many talented acts: Lana Laine and her chair class will be performing stunning leggy choreography, Sophia Minx and the Mighty Aphrodite will be dynamically awing us with their pole choreography, Maple Devine is definitely going to surprise the crowd as always. And I will be performing an eclectic striptease to “Nobody Does it Better” and yes, there will be some pasties involved! Always a power-packed, energetic and unique show!