Peacefest 2019: Kids and Climate

The Peace Flag Project Peacefest 2019, which focuses on the environment and kids’ contributions to the world, will take place at India Point Park on Saturday, September 21 from 1 – 4pm. The event is free and open to people of all ages.

Ginny Fox, one of the coordinators of the event said, “I get excited every year, but I feel especially moved and excited about this year. We’re focusing on climate, which is the most compelling issue of our time, and on children who have done interesting things and have amazing talents at young ages.”

Many of those talented children will be performing at this year’s event, including students from the Community Prep School reciting MLK’s I Have a Dream speech. “I have never watched it without crying,” said Fox. In addition to youth performers will be performers for kids, such as the popular Bill Harley and Jen Long, who will accompany a young singer on her whale guitar.


After the performances and craft activities, the Living Peace Award, which acknowledges people who have performed award-worthy acts toward peace and non-violence will be awarded to Sal Monteiro, of the Nonviolence Institute.

The centerpiece of Peace Fest is a peace flag, which is an enormous flag of patchworked fabric panels of art children created. Cathren Housley, the artist behind the flag who visited libraries around the state helping kids with their submissions said, “I told the kids I wanted them to draw what was important to them.” And what the kids delivered through their drawings was a glimpse into how they view the world. “I got food, family and friends, and YouTube. So many kids see it as a possible channel for their own ability to say and do things,” said Housley. “You can see that they way they view their place in the world is changing. They didn’t focus so much on the big issues, more on their community and the way they can create community online.”

Peace Fest culminates in a Peace Walk led by interfaith clergy. Fox said of the walk, “It is a beautiful, moving experience. It’s generous, uplifting, quiet and meditative. When I’m called on to speak at the end, sometimes it’s very hard because I don’t want to break the silence.”

Peace Fest 2019 takes place at India Point Park from 1 – 4pm. This event is free and open to the public.