Pin-up: Amanda Grace

Do you have a nickname? To my family, I’ll always be Mandi.
What’s your biggest pet peeve? Attention Rhode Islanders: It drives me nuts when you don’t use your blinkers! 
Do you have a favorite book? Does a cook book count?
It does if you bring us treats. What’s your favorite movie? My favorites are thrillers!
That’s perfect for the season. And speaking of, what’s your favorite fall activity? Apple picking, carving pumpkins, baking pie…I could go on forever!
What’s your favorite beer to sip on a fall day? ‘Gansett Fest, of course!
Do you always drink in costume? Only when I’m home! 😉
Tell us a secret! Whenever I’m driving alone, there’s a good chance that I’m engaging in a car concert. Dance moves and all!
With brief intermissions to yell at drivers’  lack of blinker use, right? Right.