Pin-up: Maple Devine and her Fringe Follies


Motif: What’s on your holiday gift wish list?
Maple Devine: Just to continue empowering the everyday person at every class or workshop I teach.
Motif: Who’s on your nice list this year?
MD: My mom. She is my rock
Motif: Who’s on your naughty list  this year?
MD: I can’t say!
Motif: Tell us about Fringe Follies’ upcoming holiday performance.
MD: It’s called Twelve Days of Naughty Christmas, and we’re kicking up our heels to saucy holiday music. We’ll also have a 50-50 holiday spending money raffle ticket giveaway. And lots of xoxoxo. Check it out on Dec 15 at 8:30pm at House of Mood, 21 Broad St in Pawtucket.