Pin-up: Maple Devine

You’re pretty in pink, Maple!

I am a 12-year breast cancer survivor, so I like to give back to my community with the Save the Tatas Pink Pasty Show coming up on September 15. I usually donate to Women & Infants because they put me back together, but this year, all proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We’re also doing a vintage car calendar with the House of Mood girls to raise more money for the hospital. You could say I’m tickled pink!pin-up 7.12

Now for the important stuff — what’s your secret behind those arms?
I’ve discovered the fountain of youth, and it’s pole for life. It drives me and motivates me and it’s given me power for life.
What’s the best thing about House of Mood?
There are people out there who would like to perform, but don’t know where to perform. If you are a performer or imagined performing, but you don’t know where to perform, I give you the opportunity. And all the performers are in the community and so dedicated to the art form. It’s a nice collection of cabaret — we have vocalists, pole performers, chair performers. Any talent you have you can put it in my show and it works.
I am very fortunate that this is my job; I just love what I do.