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Philippe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: Sit Down, Donneh!: The wall of half truths, alternative facts and outright lies grows ever taller

CheetoTrumpWall of Lies

Our morally and ethically bankrupt Cheeto-colored president recently declared a totally contrived national emergency at our southern border. There was a tip-off two days before that his plans were going to be outrageous, if not totally illegal, when he talked about his new gigantic wall, which he claimed would be harder to climb over than Mt. Everest. We’ve always known that The Donald is delusional and can’t open his mouth without telling a lie, but this was getting into real space cadet territory.

So it should have come as no surprise that Trump’s 50-minute press conference to announce his circumvention of the constitutional process was replete with total untruths, outright lies, the usual self-aggrandizing statements and attacks on the media. The boy just can’t help himself, and his right arm should be tired from patting himself on the back for nearly an hour (with no justification or facts to back up his claims).

The most laughable (or should that be shocking?) moments came when reporters pointed out his claims that an increasing number of illegals are entering the US and that illegal drugs don’t enter at legal points of entry are not justified by current statistics. Reminiscent of Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts,” The Donald said he has his own statistics, even lying about the one legitimate source he mentioned, the Department of Homeland Security. He lamely backed up his claims, then called CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s claims to the contrary “fake news” — an attack that has already gotten far too old and shop-worn.

The only positive thing to come out of Trump’s contrived “emergency” and “crisis” at the southern border, not to mention his attempt to steal money from other sources where it is badly needed, is that it is going to bite him in the ass when it is challenged in court and when his docile Republicans realize he is taking them down with his asinine stunt. He is already blamed for the government shutdown, so the more logs that go on the fire the better for anyone who is tired of his bloviating bullshit.

Keep digging that hole, Donny.

The Burning Tire Boys

As Phillipe and Jorge have pointed out in this space before, political advisors Paul “Burning Tire” Manafort and Roger Stone were on the payroll of disgraced former Little Rhody governor Ed “Gerber Baby” DiPrete, while also serving a number of the most corrupt dictatorships in the world for hefty fees. This led to the “Burning Tire” nickname, which refers to the African tradition of “necklacing,” in which a burning tire is put around the neck of notoriously hideous and guilty politicians by their less than sympathetic opponents.

So now Manafort and Stone are both up to their chins in legal problems, accused of lying to investigators about their roles in serving President Pussy-Grabber’s whims regarding working with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. What is most rewarding is seeing these two smug and immoral criminals get their ever-present smirks wiped off their faces. Manafort now faces what would be essentially a life sentence for his newest misdeeds, while Stone is looking at harsh treatment that will leave his legacy in tatters. Couldn’t happen to two better people, and if they can drag the Orange Orangutan down with them, more’s the better.

(Note: Authorities must continue to demand that The Donald reveal his taxes, because that is where they can look into which investors have been propping up the Trump bogus empire. It is dollars to donuts our self-serving president’s debt to the powerful Russkies is behind his sucking up to Vlad the Impaler Putin, lest his oligarch friends decide to call in the debt notes.)

The Old World Blues

As much as your superior correspondents can identify with the old world, we are not foolish enough to be overly interested in the fact that The Who and The Rolling Stones have announced new shows for this year. Of much greater concern to P&J is that Joe Biden still is considering a run for the White House in 2020. We need change, and it’s about the future, not the past.
Much as we respect these veteran musicians and the older politicians who have served our country well, it’s time for new blood. In fact, one of the positive aspects about Motif is the fact that most of the writers are far younger than your superior correspondents. We hang in there to provide a bit of historical perspective because as denizens of the old Vo Dilun underground, we are fortunate to have a somewhat unique point of view.

RI Music Hall of Fame Announces Inductees

The list of 2019 inductees to the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame will be announced at a press conference at the RIMHOF Museum, located at Hope Artiste Village, 999 Main St, Pawtucket, on Friday, February 22. Several of the new inductees will be on hand for the press conference as will many past inductees. The actual induction ceremonies will take place in late April at various locations around the state.