Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: In the Navy: Our arches as simply perfect, Mr. Secretary

P&J Still Awaiting  Federal Jobs

At right about the same time that Phillipe & Jorge were about to volunteer to Secretary of Navy Richard Spencer as the next heads of the US Naval War College in Newport, a candidate with better credentials (Rear Admiral Shoshanna Chatfield) was named by Secretary Spencer.

In case you haven’t been following the news on this, the reason there was a need for a new leader at the Naval War College was because the previous head ramrod, Rear Admiral Jeffrey Harley, was removed after accusations that he was spending excessive amounts of money as well as engaging in other “inappropriate behavior.” It was the “inappropriate behavior” accusations (of keeping a margarita machine in his office and suggesting that people come by to receive “free hugs” that captured our interest). 

Your superior correspondents felt that we would fit right into the Trump Administration’s perception of government since neither of us have any sort of military background. But this leaves us available to run the Treasury Department now, since we don’t know anything about money policy either.


Passages: Beth Claverie

Phillipe & Jorge’s longtime, dear friend Beth Crellin Claverie passed away the first week of June. She was an accomplished painter, a mother and grandmother, and wife of the late Charles “Rocket”Claverie. Much love and condolences to her family and many friends. She is greatly missed.

No Wonder We’re in Big Trouble

P&J noticed in one of those Associated Press Today in History newspaper columns on June 15 that “on this date in 1992,” Vice President Dan Quayle “erroneously instructed” a 6th grader to spell potato as “potatoe.” At the time it was a huge scandal — we were so innocent then.