Washing Our Hands of It: Your superior correspondents are hoping for no whammies this primary season

A Quick Political Note

Your superior correspondents do not believe the rumor (the one we’re starting right now) that the Democratic National Committee has decided that the best way to defeat the Orange Orangutan (aka Stable Genius) in the 2020 election is to go with an all-game show TV ticket of Steve Harvey for president and Pat Sajak for veep. We would, however, suggest Vanna White for attorney general as it is clear we need more female leadership in DC. 
We’re also grateful that the Tarbox guy on the automobile ads we’ve seen on television is not running for anything. While there is something appealing about a cross between Ed Wynn and Benny Hill, he won’t succeed in selling a car to the residents of Casa Diablo.

Health Concerns

P&J, like the rest of the world, are deeply concerned about the coronavirus. The closest we’ve ever come to something like this was the Rolling Rock virus that swept through Leo’s bar and restaurant on Chestnut St. in Providence in the mid-1970s. 

This one, however, is much worse, and 12 steps won’t cure you. Recent TV news reports advising people on the proper way to wash their hands was never part of the mix in the 1970s (or any other time in the late 20th century. 

Recent Aging Rock Star Endorsements

P&J were interested to note that in the last week of February we briefly glimpsed Jon Bon Jovi on NBC’s “Today Show” endorsing an environmental initiative from England’s Prince Harry. That same day, there was a story in The New York Times where Billy Idol endorsed a proposed New York City ordinance opposing motor vehicles idling for long periods of time. Nice to see such environmental activities among older musicians.

Ron McLarty

P&J were disappointed to see such little coverage in Vo Dilun media on the passing of East Providence native Ron McLarty, who died on February 8 at the age of 72. Jorge met McLarty a couple of times when he was in high school and Ron was at RIC. 

McLarty was best known as an actor (most recognizable for his recurring role as a judge on “Law & Order.” He was also the author of the well-received novel, The Memory of Running. He was a most talented and hilarious Vo Dilanduh and a kind and generous man.