That’s Twisted! The World Pretzel Eating Championship comes to PVD

MaltedBarleyPretzel purveyors The Malted Barley have announced the official (Major League Eating-sanctioned event) 2019 Malted Barley World Pretzel Eating Championship to take place on June 8 from 2-4pm as a part of PVDFest. This is the first time this event has been hosted — anywhere – and will also be the first time someone is given the title of “World Pretzel Eating Champion” in the history of competitive eating.

Pretzel lovers, and those after eternal carb glory, will be placed on the steps of City Hall in Providence and will be given as many Malted Barley pretzels as they can eat. According to Ron Koller, president of The Malted Barley, they are baking more than 600 of Malted Barley’s classic salted pretzels and Major League Eating is estimating that each competitor will consume up to 50 pretzels in, get this, eight minutes. Registration was limited to 12 participants — 10 of whom are professional competitive eaters, including Geoffrey Esper (ranked number three worldwide), and two local participants whose names have not yet been announced.

Not only does the title “World Malted Barley Pretzel Eating Champion” become the highest honor, but there will be money. In fact there is $4,000 dollars in cash just waiting to be handed out. First place will be given $2,000 and the money trickles down through there – all the way to fifth place.


Ron Koller continues saying, “This is great for PVDFest, Providence and Rhode Island. The next closest [competitive eating] event is in Coney Island — this is the first competitive eating competition in all of New England.”

So, get bready and grab your food competition sports gear and get to PVDFest to see the carb goodness in action. Just remember, you’ll need to be at the competition to see who takes home the, ahem, dough.  I’ll see myself out.

More information can be found on The Malted Barley’s Facebook page.


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