Procorruption: Proudly defending stupidity

I’m a bit perturbed about Motif publishing a so-called leaked document from our organization. It’s bad enough betraying someone writing for you, but like most other news, it was FAKE! I would never support such a thing and it’s not even close to my style of writing. Covering the arts and pot smoking not enough? You want to be fake investigative journalists?

We support the re-election of Donald Trump 110%. I urge every member of my organization and every American to do likewise.

Things may look dicey now with the country literally and figuratively burning to the ground, but Trump’s approval rating is still in the double digits and trails Biden by only single digits. We must stand by our brave comrades proudly and publicly defend our leader no matter how stupid they sound or how much self-respect they lose.

You know the drill:

  • Don’t let any truth, hypocrisy, laws, ethics or mature behavior get in your way.
  •  Blame everyone but the President for any accused errors or wrongdoings.
  • Relentlessly point out the flaws (real or imagined) in others to build Trump up by reminding people how widespread duplicity, dishonesty, sanctimony, incompetence and despicableness are, and how they are often important to success and greatness. (Things like the Obama-Biden-Clinton crime syndicate, the murderer Joe Scarborough, and Kylie Kardashian misleading Fortune magazine to convince them she was a billionaire while only worth $900,000).
  • Remind people that everyone is out to get Trump and overturn what he’s done.
  • Remind people you can’t oppose Trump without electing Democrats. If Democrats think Trump and the Republicans are sleazebags, why do they keep encouraging people to vote for them?
  • Blame the media since no one trusts them. Every story has many sides and they often fail to report those that support Trump.

For example, when they spew thousands of alleged falsehoods to claim Trump never tells the truth, do they ever point out all the true things he has said? Of course not! How about mentioning:

  • Who among us doesn’t tell a lie?
  • The classic Washington scandal is always based on someone screwing up by telling the truth.
  • Sometimes the truth is too painful for people to hear, so lying is often compassionate or in the public interest, especially when millions of people’s lives are being destroyed.
  • Trump is a funny guy, usually joking or being sarcastic. If Trump lies all the time, why do people believe him when he says outrageous things?

How about when they hold Trump responsible for his COVID-19 response and blame him for over 100,000 dead, and untold economic impoverishment? They never explain that if it were not for the President, we would probably have quadrupled the body count by now.

Do they ever mention Trump’s many positive accomplishments, other than firing inspector generals, educating our country what would happen if you elect a certified lunatic in charge and encouraging juvenile delinquents to grow up to be President? 

What about claims that Trump is not a true Christian? Do they mention who, according to many Trump supporters, put Trump in the White House? God, that’s who. Who opened up places of worship, no matter how many are killed or become sick? Who stood in front of a burnt church holding up a Bible for the camera and didn’t burst into flames? So, are you really going to risk the wrath of God by not supporting Donald Trump for re-election? Just askin’.