Project PVD Love

Frog & Toad, the gift shop stuffed with perfect little somethings, has become a beacon of hope during the pandemic — a place always willing to collaborate, fundraise and bring smiles to the homebound with their madcap personal deliveries. So it made sense when a Providence-based parent/teacher organization president called them to discuss a mask donation project.

Providence Public School children often can’t afford to purchase masks, and some weren’t given the one mask each child was promised by the state. “This was a real need that I was shocked to find in the schools,” said Asher Schofield, co-owner of Frog & Toad.

Schofield was immediately on board with the project and asked employee Michael Ezzell to come up with the signature Project PVD Love mask design. The plan was to donate one mask to PVD schools for every mask purchased. “We are super grateful that our base responded,” Schofield said. “We can make a product, but if no one sees value in it, we can’t execute that giving component.”


Frog & Toad customers saw plenty of value in the masks and the project behind them — three different Providence public schools have already received 100 masks each.

Recognizing that the pandemic has stopped entertainment groups from visiting schools, Frog & Toad teamed up with Big Nazo Labs to deliver the masks. “They provide a scientist and robot to inspect the masks for the children and make sure they’re up to all health and safety standards,” says Schofield. “It gets the kids outside and laughing, and they’re delighted by these crazy creatures.”

Schofield appreciates the relationships he’s formed as a result of the project. “It’s been really great to have this connection with these amazing teachers, administrators and support staff and to show them some level of support for what they’re doing. A lot hinges on the health and wellness of our schools, and the fact that they’ve been able to deliver a safe and healthy area for kids to be is amazing.”

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