Providence Roller Derby’s Hot Summer on the Flat Track

Rhode Island’s Hottest Contact Sport

The air is warmer and the kids are off from school: What is there to do? Take in a few bouts of the hard-hitting, fast-skating Providence Roller Derby, of course!

riverratsHere’s a quick primer: Roller derby is a contact sport played on a flat track where players and the referees are on roller skates (not blades!). In this game, there is no ball to score points, just a human body. This human body is called a jammer and after getting past the other team on the track, the jammer scores points by passing each of her opponents again and again! However, the other team has a jammer who also is trying to score points. And each team also has three blockers and a pivot on the track who play offensive and defensive coordination against the opposing team. It’s wild! It’s fierce! It’s one of the fastest growing sports worldwide!

In RI there are two seasons played: travel (national) and home seasons. PRD’s travel season is represented by the all-star team called the Rhode Island Riveters and supported by their B-teams of the Killah Bees and the Rocky Point Rollers. Home season spreads out the roster into three teams: the Mob Squad, the Old Money Honeys and the Sakonnet River Roller Rats.


The Roller Rats, last year’s home season champions, are captained this year by Craisy Dukes! The mean team in green features Axe A. Dental, Cleo Patronize, Dark & Stormy, Freedom Fight-Her, Mary Slayne, Max Slayer Stone, Misfit Merida, PEZ DispensHER, Puma Thurman, Raquel Welts, Ruby Red Scissors, Sis Boom Bonnie, SmackGyver, Strawbury Shortskate, Trannie Oakley and Trophy Knife.
The black and gold, gun-toting Mob Squad is led by their captain Freak’n Awesome. Going along for the ride are All The Way Mae, Baby Fighterfly, Beat-Trix LeStrangle, Boones Harm, Checker Pulse, Citizen Toxie, Death Ro-chelle, Elsie YaLater, Luce Cannon, Rose Creeper, Ruca A. Salt, Shotz of Petrone, Smashley Olsen, Sun Scream, Sweet Tease and Varla Gunz.

Being fabulous in the red and black are the Old Money Honeys. Leading the pack is captain Cindy Lou Screw with her party of Breakbeat Betty, Delta Bravo, Hit and Run Paulene, Jetta von Diesel, Jigsaw, Malady D’Amour, Mortician Addams, Raggedy Ann-eurysm, Rhoda Perdition, Roxy ElbowYa, Sass E. McNasty, Scared Stiffany, Shelby Bruisin, Sinnamon Splice, Skate Middleton and Smoke ‘N Mirrors.

When these athletes are off the track, they openly engage the public with some of the most fabulous celebrations. Meet and greet skaters and officials at this year’s RI PrideFest parade on June 21. An even larger gathering to celebrate PRD’s 10-year anniversary of athletes old and new will be held at The Spot Underground in Providence on Saturday, August 2, at 9pm ($5 cover at the door).

So bring out family and friends for a night you’ll never forget!
William H. Thayer Arena, Warwick; Saturday, June 28, 5pm; RI Riveters vs. Lehigh Valley Rollergirls, Rocky Point Rollers vs. Mass Attack Roller Derby All-Stars

William H. Thayer Arena, Warwick; Saturday, July 19, 5pm
; Killah Bees vs. Hartford Area Roller Derby, Mob Squad vs. Sakonnet River Roller Rats (Home Season Opener!)

Bank of America Skating Pavilion, Providence; Saturday, August 23, Time TBD; Old Money Honeys vs. Mob Squad

Bank of America Skating Pavilion, Providence; Saturday, September 13, Time TBD; Sakonnet River Roller Rats vs. Old Money Honeys

Also if you happen to be in the Philadelphia area between June 20 and 22, head over to the Sportsplex in Feasterville, Penn., for this year’s East Coast Derby Extravaganza. There the RI Riveters will face the Crime City Rollers and the Tiger Bay Brawlers!

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