Queer as Art

The Queer Art Collective Gallery opened its doors on Exchange Street in Pawtucket on March 5. It was an act of sheer optimism in the midst of many closures. The gallery founder, Taylor Davis, is a remarkably focused young entrepreneur on a mission – to create a safe space for queer art, where artists are not tokenized or distorted through the screen of cultural preconception. So far, it has been a surprising success.

The decision to open the gallery came after Davis saw artist friends suffer when COVID shut down their means of support. Every show had been cancelled, every venue for sales and display went dark – but a light went on in Davis’ head. She’d been wanting to open a gallery for a long time, and necessity proved to be the mother of invention.

The Queer Art Collective launched online in December 2020. The site did so well that Davis took the next step and opened an in-person space. The Gallery is now open to the public with a 20-person capacity, and Davis has plans to open a wine bar and coffee cafe as well. Keep your eyes open ­– this is a visionary who can get the job done. 

The Queer Art Collective, 172 Exchange St, Suite 101, Pawtucket; 401-236-5093;; @theqacollective