Roller Derby: RI Riveters Roller Rumble Against Wales & Sweden

rivitThe weekend of June 20 featured more than 50 roller derby bouts with teams from around the world in the annual East Coast Derby Extravaganza (ECDX) in Feasterville, Penn. A mix of regulated and all-star exhibition bouts, ECDX offers a variety of some of the best of the sport.

On the 21st, the ranked #69 Providence hit the track against #112 Tiger Bay from Cardiff, Wales. Tiger Bay was in the middle of a four-game series in the US against DC, Suburbia, and at ECDX against Providence and Garden State. Coming in with two losses, Tiger Bay looked to go up the ranks against Providence’s undefeated 5-0 streak this year. Even after taking a hard hit in the first half, PRD’s Jigsaw was able to rack in 44 points, along with captain Shotz of Petrone scoring 42. Dominating for TB was jammer Kid Block with 98 points, followed by the aggressive Aga with 71. Both teams evened out in penalties, being heavily called for track-cutting. In the end, TB’s jammers took advantage of PRD’s loose defense and won 253-167.

The following day, PRD hoped to redeem themselves with a victory against Sweden’s #145 Crime City Rollers. The overall game was a seesaw battle for the scoreboard. PRD’s Katniss Everspeed soared through CC’s defense scoring 80 points against CC’s Curly Håår’s 97-point reign. There was a successful star-pass (when the jammer hands off the scoring ability to a blocker) in the first half with PRD’s Jigsaw handing off to Jetta Von Diesel for a 23-point jam. CC came back in the second half with a 27-point boost from Hanna P, who totaled 68 points for her team. CC saw more penalties than PRD, but both teams called the most on a multiplayer block, which lead to CC’s JJ Fury fouling out of the game. In a near even game, CC pulled ahead for a 226-190 victory.

Coming out of ECDX with a 5-2 record for this season, PRD’s Riveters have one more bout this season against Lehigh Valley in Warwick on Saturday, June 28, before transitioning into the home team season. You can find the schedule and more at