Seeking Flash Fiction

Motif is trying something new in our first July 2023 issue. Dedicated to the art of writing and summer reading, this issue will include some (clearly labeled as such) fiction.

Entries must be original creative work evoking the themes, images, characters or feeling of Rhode Island in the summer, and must not have been previously published elsewhere. Neither the DC nor Marvel Universe should be referenced – it’s not that kind of Flash fiction.


The winning entries, determined at the sole discretion of our panel of judges, will be published on our website and in our July I issue, which will be distributed statewide (as we always are). Honorable mentions will be published on our website. Submissions by e-mail must be received by us no later than 11:59pm on June 19, 2023; no other submissions will be accepted. 

Winners will be notified by June 26 via e-mail sent to the address from which we received the entry. Additional prizes, still to be determined, may also be awarded.

Each entry must include your real name, city and state of residence, and optionally a pseudonym if you’re choosing not to be published under a real name. Including your telephone number is helpful. There is no minimum age, but entrants under the age of 18 must accompany their entry with a statement of permission from a parent or guardian.

We are looking for an English-language work of prose fiction with a maximum of 1,000 words. Send to as either plain text or HTML text in the body of your message, or as attachments in ODT, DOC/DOCX, RTF, or PDF format.

Send any questions to as well. Motif reserves the right to change or waive these rules at our sole discretion.