COVID-19 pandemic

Shop Safely

Local grocery stores are setting aside some of their hours of operation to be used exclusively for those most vulnerable to COVID-19 — seniors and those with underlying medical conditions. These hours are the first in the day after the stores have been cleaned so that these vulnerable populations can be in the safest possible environment. Remember the importance of hand-washing and social distancing while shopping, and commit to shopping normally rather than hoarding. And also consider ordering from Pat’s Pastured, Robin Hollow Farm, Sweet and Salty Farm, Walrus and Carpenter Oysters, and Wishing Stone Farm, who have banded together to offer food delivery, or visit local farm stands.

Clements Market: 7 – 8am

Dave’s: 7 – 8am, large locations; 8 – 9am, small locations


Dollar General: 6 – 7:30am

Jerry’s Market: 7 – 8am

Richmond Farms Fresh Market: 7:30 – 8am

Save-A-Lot: 8 – 9am

Shaw’s: 7 – 9am, Tue and Thu

Stop & Shop: 6 – 7:30am

Target: 7 – 8am

Whole Foods: 8 – 9am