Got Beer?

Shut. It. Down!

Following their popular release of Knock It Off beer, Proclamation Ale once again collaborated with Frog & Toad to release Shut It Down, an IPA named after Gina Raimondo’s oft-repeated phrase to Rhody citizens. The IPA has a floral aroma with light stone fruit flavor and floral notes, and is available for pickup at the brewery.

The can art for both Shut It Down and Knock It Off was designed by PVD artist Maret Bondorew. Her art also appears on t-shirts that are available through Frog & Toad and on bags of Knock It Off coffee, sold at White Electric in PVD. Portions of the sales of the beer, the t-shirts and the coffee go the RI Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

If by the time you read this, its popularity has shut down sales of Shut It Down Beer, you can still help the community by grabbing a t-shirt, brewing a cup, knocking it off and shutting it down.


Shut It Down beer is available at T-shirts are available at Knock It Off coffee is available at