Soda Pop Poll: Donald’s Big League Punch and Joe’s Berry-Blue Lemonade go head-to-head

Donald’s Big League Punch

Yacht Club is once again getting political.

Following the popularity of their Soda Pop Poll that they conducted during the 2016 election, the soda company created two new flavors to commemorate the 2020 election: Donald’s Big League Punch and Joe’s Berry-Blue Lemonade.

Soda lovers can show their presidential preference by “voting with their taste buds,” as Yacht Club Soda owner John Sgambato put it. In 2016, New Englanders’ taste buds predicted the outcome of the election — purchases of Donald’s Populist Punch beat out those of Hillary’s Liberal Lemonade. Let’s see what happens this year.


And not to worry, third-party voters — you won’t be left out in the cold because last summer’s limited release Berrymelon Rebellion will be rereleased just for you!

Joe’s Berry-Blue Lemonade

The label art was created by nationally syndicated sports, editorial and entertainment cartoonist/artist and Rhode Island resident, Frankie Galasso.  

You can pick up all three flavors at the Yacht Club Bottling Works Factory Store in North Providence, at farmers markets or local stores and restaurants. For information, go to For information about label artist Frankie Galasso, go to


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