EDM Event Preview: Tight Crew’s Space Jam

17814304_1427543937265760_4817659704900370669_oOn Saturday, April 14, Tight Crew will bring Space Jam to Fete for the second consecutive year. This will be the fourth installment of TC and friends’ (partygoers’) “epic journey” through an intergalactic world of live music, performances, aesthetic and vibes.

Melanie Bertoldi (Motif): Why did you decide to bring this theme back? Were people asking?

Tight Crew: Space Jam was one of the first events we did where we saw a huge jump in attendance. It was a hit with our crowd from the beginning. It had been a few years, and we just thought it was a good time to bring it back.

MB: Who are the biggest DJs/performers who’ll be there?

TC: This year we have DJ ill-ēsha, who’ll be making her first-ever appearance in Rhode Island all the way from Vancouver, BC! She’ll be joined by the “World’s Premier Female DJ,” DJ Shortee from Los Angeles.

17760960_1427544720599015_5152888679228927546_oMB: Who are the biggest local acts who’ll be performing?

TC: Local legend DJ Venom will be appearing main stage, as well as Providence’s one-of-a-kind space alien puppet creatures, Big Nazo!

MB: What’s new/different this time around?

TC: We’re currently working on a new color-changing LED DJ booth, which will premiere at Space Jam this year. It’s also sound-activated with tons of programmed effects and patterns. We’re really excited to showcase this new project.

MB: It’s been nearly a decade since the first Space Jam. How has Tight Crew evolved since then as a production company?

TC: We were a much smaller crew back then. We had to evolve to keep up with the size and frequency of our productions. We have a team of friends helping either with making the decorations with us at our warehouse, or with setup and breakdown at shows — as well as a large group of street team members to help with marketing for each event. There are a lot of factors involved these days to keep things going and we are grateful for our Tight Crew family for all their support over the years.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit tightcrew.net.